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Presumed Deceased BC - Melissa McDevitt, believed missing while hiking at Sooke Potholes; Dec 2022

One Fat Marmot

Diggin' It
Major search underway in BC Canada...

Evidently MM was due to visit family in NC and never made it onto the plane in Vancouver. Her car was discovered at the Sooke Potholes. And there is trailhead video which shows her heading onto the trail. She has hiked at this spot many times.

Video here:



For Real
Yes, LE saying recovery. They think she took cover from the storm on Friday when she went missing, and could be under tree roots, etc.

She's so tiny, and she is neurodivergent, so she might not have a predictable notion of where to take refuge. She also knows the trails area really well, and may have felt comfortable in places where others might feel intimidated. These are really dense wooded areas as is.

This is all so sad.

I Am A Rock

For Real
There's a new article all about MM. Lovely article. So heartfelt, with some more of her history and home.

As far as wilderness, she seems to have been VERY experienced, in so many sports. This might not have saved her, but it might also have made a difference:

“She had all of her heavy winter gear, her other pants, her vest with the water bottle, her snack bars, that little silver blanket for if you get caught in the cold, she had everything. I mean, she had everything,” Tom said. “But it was in her car.”

I have heart pangs for this case.