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Presumed Deceased CA - Quang Trong Than, missing on Split Mountain, Kings Canyon NP; Aug 2022

One Fat Marmot

Diggin' It
My interest in this case was piqued from the Locations Unknown Podcast, Episode 70.

MSM backstory:

Sketch: QT, a very experienced hiker, got separated from his two companions on a difficult and strenuous day hike to Split Mountain in KCNP. After extensive searching, SAR was unable to find him.


Hangin' Out
OMG I never imagined that’s what King’s Canyon NP looks like. Haha! Not for me….

IMO the LU fellas have the correct theory on this one: QT fell down a chute and got buried in a pile of rubble.

There’s a Reddit-rumor about a bottomless hole near the summit QT could have fallen into, but I’m so not buying it, I won’t bother to post it. Gotta have at least some relationship to reality, and I can’t picture that one.

Nitty Gritty

Hangin' Out
Haha! Big pile o' grit! I got looking at the AllTrails comments. There really aren't very many. But problems are: slippery scree, delays because it's easy to lose the trail, having to jump around on talus, scree that's difficult to climb, etc. Pretty much what's obvious from the photo ^^^^. Scree is, like, every problem. Plus, getting baked in treeless sunshine.

Oh, one thing did interest me. Several commenters said a helmet was important because there's falling rock. We know that QT cached his helmet at Red Lake.

Naughty Pine

Hangin' Out
SAR said they glassed the whole area, but I really don't think you could see up and down all those canyons. And they had to have done it from an angle, since there's no way they'd be going onto those scree fields: they look way too unstable.

So, I think a fall, and other QT got hung up inside of one of those ravines, or he got buried in a pile of rubble, either because he got hit by a rock, fell, or whatever....