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Missing FL - Theresa Hartley, missing from disabled car, Ocala NF; Mar 2023

I Am A Rock

For Real
TH and her friend were evidently camping at Lake Delancy. The campground nearest Forest Road 88 is an OHV campground on the western shore of the lake. The official USDA description is here:

LE narrows down the location here:

Deputies said the woman, Theresa Hartley, was last seen in the area of North Forest Road 88 around one mile south of North Forest Road 66 in the Ocala National Forest, near Lake Delancey.

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In the Groove
It sounds like the two friends were not camping at the campground, but just in the forest, and that's how they got stuck.

According to Marion County deputies, Theresa Hartley, 66, was last seen on March 10 in the area of North Forest Rd 88 near Lake Delancy. She was first reported missing on March 15 in St. Johns County and Marion County Sheriff’s Office was made aware the next day.

Hartley was with a friend in the woods when their vehicle became stuck. She was advised to stay with the vehicle while her friend went for help. When her friend came back, Hartley was not with the vehicle.

They do have searches going out, but I guess I'm not optimistic. It's been too long, especially for someone without 100% mental capacity.


Right On!
No news. It does sound as though LE is downplaying this one, and I haven’t seen a Silver Alert issued. Maybe LE doesn’t have verifiable info, or is suspicious, or something?