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Missing HI - Amanda Eller missing in the jungle; May 2019


In the Groove
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Amanda Eller = AE

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I didn’t clue into this at the time it happened. Maybe I noticed it with my eyes rolling. I can’t remember exactly. And whaddo I know about Hawaii? Zip.

Here’s what’s got me going about it now. It's not a new article, but COVID buried life details for a year or so for me.

Then there’s these:

Here's AE's presser:

To me, this is like the land of a thousand eyerolls. Those “time of” stories all seem to say the same thing (I guess because there are no other details except what AE says?), and there are so many stock fairy tale motifs.

I’m wondering what y’all think? Did this actually happen?

One Fat Marmot

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So, @Trippy, yeppers, full-on fairy tale.

So so Cinderella: shoes.... she lost them. I can't wrap my head around that happening unless they were flip flops or crocs, but I doubt that, since she was on a hike. Do they mean, the shoes got sucked into the mud?


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@One Fat Marmot, great with the Cinderella and the shoes motif....

There’s a whole package here IMO:

Lost in the impenetrable woods, berry picking for food (Hansel and Gretel), the sleeping in a boar’s lair (Romulus and Remus et al.), surrounded by impenetrable vegetation (Sleeping Beauty), Price Charming to her rescue…it sounds very fairytale-ish.

AE herself is the one telling her story like this. No one else has information about what happened to her, since no one was there. It's ALL her.

I'm with @Trippy on this. I feel like I'm not being very charitable, but the Grimm details make me think she made it up, or if she was in the jungle, it was for a short while.

I would be a bigger believer if there were fewer nods to Grimm.


On your points, these are some of the questions Maui News has:

Eller talked in subsequent media events of the “spiritual bootcamp” that she endured over the 17 days. But in the days that followed her discovery, celebration turned to criticism. Even now, people continue to ask whether there is more to the story than originally disclosed.

Did Eller set out to get lost in the forest? Did she take anything that altered her state of mind? On the first day she got lost, how did she fall asleep on a log in the woods? How did she survive on stream water when her electrolytes came back perfect? How did she sleep in a boar’s den as she described? Didn’t she cross roads and other markers? Why did she keep heading the direction she did? Where is she now?

The article also hints at a publicity motive for the helicopter company.

So, we seem to be in the realm of "great minds think alike".


In the Groove
Hmmm, clever @One Fat Marmot and @Kaboom!, on the Grimm matchy matchy.

For me, too, the more her story goes fairy-tale-ish, the more it screams “AE’s schtick can’t be true”.

It got me thinking about how crazy it is to do that, because it begs so many MORE questions. Why did she only spend one night in the boar’s lair? What exactly happened to the shoes? How do you fall asleep on a log without tipping over? Why was AE doing yoga in the forest? I find this very odd. And she didn’t mention doing yoga while she was lost? I would think being lost would exactly be a time to calm oneself down and channel good energy with yoga.


Diggin' It
On the story motifs....

If you look at the presser, AE opens by saying she's telling a story, but she doesn't know what the story is yet. I guess she thinks she's a story and she gets to make it up. It doesn't sound like she's planning to say what happened. Just what her story is.

So, yep, fairy tale land.

AE calls herself a hero. Eeeek! Who goes missing and thinks they're a hero?

One Fat Marmot

Diggin' It
Getting back to what is not matchy-matchy in AE's story.... I'm feeling very uncharitable, too.

At approved SM below (ID 05-2019-1, Case Data), there are some EXCELLENT points. For instance, she was supposed to be dehydrated, but spent time at a waterfall and river. There was also a flash flood (that's how she lost her shoes). Her feet weren't really that messed up (IMO they could get that way walking in the jungle for an hour barefoot); and they were described as burnt? How could that be? She was in impenetrable jungle, yet penetrated by a burning sun?

Here's the citation, from Reddit. The comments are right on target for this discussion:



Amanda Eller = AE

Media, timelines, approved sources...
Case data ID# 05-2019-1
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