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Missing How to start a new thread in the forum, Find the Missing....

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We want to aim for consistency. Use the pattern already established.
1. Select "Missing" for the prefix
2. In the US & Canada, use standard state/province abbreviations with 2 letters; for all other countries, use the international standard for countries with 3 letters, e.g. AUS for Australia. The standards are HERE.
3. The name of the missing person(s). Honor ethnic spellings, including accents.
4. The general location, e.g. the name of a National Park or Northwest Alaska or Karakoram or "near XYZ"
5. The month and year of missing; use a 3-letter abbreviation for the month to keep titles short.

Starting content:

This is a site where people learn skills for the outdoors. Let's support that.
Use as many as 3 posts, to eliminate the potential for any of it to disappear into the ether while you're typing. The goal is to set quick groundwork for the case. For sure it will be developed, refined, and corrected, but let's start with enough so most posters can get a rough idea.
Post #1 The gist of the story, supported by at least one MSM article.
Post #2 2-3 maps of the location. a) and b) need to be in jpeg format and can be smallish. Provide links.
a) The first map should be a "gist map"; include a city or two, a state name, etc. so anyone in the world can see roughly where the post is located.
b) A closer view at 2D. This might be an NPS map, for instance, or AllTrails map, via screen shot for the general area.
c) A map that gives an idea of contours and elevations. Do this by link, since the map will be large. In the US, I find Gaia GPS website or app (based on USGS maps, which are the gold standard) or CalTopo to be very useful at showing relief, trails, etc. . The most relevant maps are free. This should help in discussions of "where could this person be?", but also help everyone learn about reading topo maps to enhance their own safety in the back country.
Post #3 A representative photo or two of the type of terrain, e.g.: desert, tundra, river delta, NE woods, crocodile swamp, rainforest.
Plus, somewhere in there, a photo clip of weather for 5 relevant days or so. There's Accuweather, NOAA, the Weather Channel. Use best judgment to be helpful.

Newer posters won't be able to start threads in this forum. However, you can run a poll in Sleuth this? using the same model, and it can be moved to this forum.
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