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Crime NH - Didn’t pay your reckless hiker rescue fine? Lose your driver’s license…

Naughty Pine

Hangin' Out
This is next-level cracking down on reckless hikers who need rescue in NH and then don’t pay the fees they’re charged for the rescue.


I Am A Rock

For Real
The ACLU doesn't seem to understand that revoking a license because you chose to go into the wilderness recklessly put others at risk, and then scoff the law by refusing to pay your fine for said behavior (the fines aren't that large, either), is a response to a recreational choice. It's not one of those mishaps from daily, survival, activities. Also, the risk could have been mitigated with the Hike Smart card: $25.

We're seeing some crazy stuff in the wilderness right now. SAR is risking their lives. There is a risk to other backcountry users, too. Setting off avalanches by being careless is an example, most of the time not in NH, but filed under "crazy reckless stuff".

And then to have these bad actors not pony up their fines.... Yep, go after them where it matters. I doubt any of them are short of funds, anyway. If they're from out of state (as many are), it costs quite a bit to get to the Whites. They should be able to afford their meager fines.