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Crime NH - Jason Feierstin and Dylan Stahley plead guilty to reckless conduct charges

She Made Me Do It

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What do y'all think of this? This had to do with a difficult SAR operation.

Here's the NH Fish & Game statement:

The two fellas got cliffed out while scrambling off-trail. Rumor is they were wearing flip flops. It sounds like they hopped out of their car and went UP: they didn't know where they were? Like at all? "He didn't know where he was, but could see the highway...."
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Cabin Fever

I've seen some pushback that hikers shouldn't have to pay for rescue, the mountains should be a welcome place for all, newbies shouldn't be penalized....
But I can't imagine the push-backers actually read the details or understood the "hikers" were not hikers in the sense they were hiking the trail. They were just some dudes randomly scrambling up rocks from a parking lot. They didn't even know where they were. I guess they were just driving through.