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Casualty NH - While searching for a missing hiker, SAR rescues a man with a frostbitten face


Hangin' Out
I happened upon this as a kind of footnote to the sad Emily Sotelo case, filed in Find the Missing….

While they were looking for ES, in a massive search in NH’s White Mountains, SAR came across a man on the top of Lafayette in a cotton T-shirt. His face was frostbitten.

Eastman stated that on the second day of the search, searchers encountered an incredibly lucky man who had summated [sic] the peak in a T-shirt and small backpack.

“His face was frostbitten…”



For Real
Being a cool character, of course I just had to Google what a frostbitten face looks like.

Best answer (with photo), about the guy who was doing Iditarod on a bicycle. You don't want to see the frostbitten Everest examples.