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Casualty NV - Ronnie and Beverly Barker missing with motorhome; Mar 2022

Cabin Fever

Hangin' Out
This is so sad. And I’ll bet it didn’t take too many mistakes to have this happen….

RB and BB were evidently driving from Albany OR to Tucson AZ. They were to be on the road for just 2 nights. They were driving an RV and towing a car. They were discovered in an area about as remote as you can get in the US. Their RV had become stuck in the mud in a wilderness area, and then the Kia soon after. Theye were spotted from a search plane. Unfortunately, RB had died in the meantime. She survived.


Calico Jeans

This seems like an inordinate distance to drive an RV towing a car with only 2 nights and 3 days of driving. It’s 1380 miles. I wonder if they drove through Death Valley and got lost after that? That might explain the general location. They would then go to Las Vegas and take an easy road south to Tucson.
But they picked the wrong road going to Las Vegas? That’s a common route from Death Valley.


In the Groove
It seems RB and BB's schedule has been revised with a bit more information. They stayed at a KOA in Shasta on March 26. They left on the 27th at noon (?).

And now we have a follow-up story with more details from family. They survived for over a week at their car (odd they didn't return to their RV, which was only 2 miles away, so they'd have more resources), until he died just a day before they were found.

Later: oh, I get it. She needed a walker, so even 2 miles would have been impossible. And he may have been obese.
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