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Sleuthing skills, outdoor savvy, and scope

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Sleuth the Wild is about applying outdoor savvy to suss out problems, explore ideas, and arrive at solutions to mysteries and mishaps in our off-grid spaces. And vice versa: using sleuth skills to analyze issues in wild areas.

Sleuth the Wild welcomes newbies as well as experienced outdoors folks.

Regarding content, consider yourself a traveler in the Wild; you are faced with the realities of nature, the weather, the conditions, the landscape, the state of the trail. Because you must, you make your journey taking those realities into account. Likewise, on this forum, posts and opinions observe details that are unchangeable: they are pegged to facts, and cannot drift from what is, truths, chronologies, contexts. Speculation is fine, as long as it is rooted in reality.

As to forum values and etiquette, for those of us lucky enough to have access, the Wild is often a magical place. We've been healed there, faced our fears, drawn deeply from resources we didn't know we had. We've trusted blindly, been scared out of our wits, and pursued our curiosity. There, too, we've found company in strange people and unfamiliar things.

For Sleuth the Wild, this is a way of being, and not just a topic.

And so, Sleuth the Wild's user guidelines reflect best practices in wilderness spaces. These are codified formally as Leave no Trace and #RecreateResponsibly. These principles inform the content of the board, the interactions between participants, and the spirit of discussions.

When you sign in, check the Kiosk for particulars, and if you're ever in doubt about how to proceed as you participate on Sleuth the Wild, keep in mind #RecreateResponsibly, consult Leave no Trace, interpret loosely, and you will likely have your answer.

Not open for further replies.