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Sleuthing skills, outdoor savvy, and scope

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At Sleuth the Wild, we crowd-source ideas about wilderness mysteries, including missing persons and backcountry crimes.

The general idea is to apply outdoor savvy and on-location experiences to find answers to questions such as "Where did they go...?", "How could this have been prevented?", and "What might have happened?"

While exploring those questions, Wild Sleuths share best practices, learn about new places to explore and what the challenges might be, and tell experience-based stories.

The goal of Sleuth the Wild is to teach and learn about the outdoors, as well as to solve. Wilderness visits are increasing exponentially, Search and Rescue resources are severely stretched, and it is much more difficult than it used to be to find opportunities from outdoors folks who have different experiences than our own. Learning from them might very well keep us safe.

Sleuth the Wild welcomes newbies as well as experienced outdoors folks.

On Sleuth the Wild, ideas are evidence-based and data-driven; posts and opinions are pegged to facts. Speculation is fine, as long as it is rooted in reality.

Sleuth the Wild is fully committed to Leave no Trace and #RecreateResponsibly. Best practices reflect the need for "10 Essentials" when in the backcountry, as well as current technology resources.

As to Sleuth the Wild values and poster etiquette, for those of us lucky enough to have access, the Wild is often a magical place. We've been healed there, faced our fears, drawn deeply from resources we didn't know we had. We've trusted blindly, been scared out of our wits, and pursued our curiosity. There, too, we've found company in strange people and unfamiliar things. Let's keep this specialness as we interact on Sleuth the Wild.

When you sign in, check the Kiosk. There you will find Sleuth the Wild "Rules of the Trail".

See you out there!

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